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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Summer 2016 Reading Plans

Happy First Day of June!

I have been off of school since the end of April, but nothing says summer more than June! Time has been flying by since I've gotten home from school, and I have been crazy busy. Now that I'm finally back into the groove of working and managing my blog, I've found more time to read. 

On Monday I checked in with the goals I made at the beginning of the year, and now that I have three months before school starts again, I want to make sure I am accomplished in something (besides binging Netflix). 

Here is everything I want to accomplish (reading wise) this summer!

1. Post on blog twice a week
     This is something that I started recently, posting on Tuesdays and Fridays, and have been enjoying doing. I have a lot of reviews that I want to share, and ideas to discuss that only every Wednesday wasn't enough! I want to keep up with my blog and keep providing good content. 

2. Get on track with my goodreads goal
     I am currently 11 books behind on my goal of 75, which is pretty discouraging for me. I finally feel like I am getting back into the swing of things so hopefully this is an easy one. I had considered upping my goal to 100 (since I have so many unread TBR books) but don't want to overwhelm myself. 

3. Finish four series
     I have so many series that I have read one book of, or only have one novel left, so I want to make sure I am finishing series before starting new ones. This is another task that I am getting better at, and want to make sure I can maintain it. 

4. Complete 5 Pop Sugar Reading Challenges
     I have fallen quite far behind on these, and want to complete any five before the beginning of September. I really want to read all of these challenges, so hopefully I can do that!

5. Bring "Owned TBR" list down to under 200
     On my Monday post my TBR was at 235 novels, and as of September 1st I want it to be 199 or less. Whether that is me reading 36 books, or unhauling them, I want to see that number shrink.

And finally, 

6. Read 30 books
     Ten novels a month doesn't seem like too much of a stretch, since I will include graphic novels and such in that count. Considering everything I want to accomplish, I think this challenge can be managed. 

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  1. I'm planning on posting my summer reading plans this weekend on my blog! I love having set reading plans for the summer because it's the only time I really have time to crush my reading goal. I hope you read 30 books! xoxo