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Monday, June 27, 2016

My 10 TBR Catch-Up Tips!

Happy Monday! Starting next week is our read-a-thon for #AYearAThon where our theme is "TBR Catch-Up"! I am so excited because I have so many books that I own and haven't read (about 200 if I'm being honest). The idea behind this theme is to catch up on your reading goals or your TBR pile, and basically read as much as you can throughout the week!

1. Read shorter books

I am starting with one of the most obvious tips, but one that some people might overlook. Sit down with your TBR and see which books you have that are the shortest. Make sure they are ones that you have interest in reading, then pick one of those up to start! The more books you finish, the more accomplished you will feel!

2. Finish one book before you start another

Some people think that you read more/faster when reading multiple books at a time, but I would have to disagree. When I read two books at once I have a hard time balancing them, and find it takes me longer to finish either of them. At the same time I find it more appealing to start another novel, because I've already got others going - so what would one more hurt?

3. Have an idea of which books you want to read next - and get excited about them!

I always plan out the next three books that I want to read, in order to get myself pumped up to read them. Knowing I'll be picking up something that I am excited about, helps me to get through the one I am currently reading.

4. Carry a book with you at all times

No matter where you go or what you have planned for the day, there is always a chance that you will have spare minutes to read. Be prepared! I work in retail and am always on the sales floor, but I still take my book with me to work. I always try to read during my breaks, because every page counts!

5. Consider listening to an audiobook

This tip kind of connects with the last one, because it you travel to work (like I do) you could probably get a chapter in. My drive is only fifteen minutes each way, but I should spend that time listening to a book instead of blasting Drake down the highway. I do not pay for my audiobooks, instead I borrow them from my library through Overdrive.

6. Do not speed read! Let yourself enjoy the story

What is the point of reading a novel if you are just going to skim over the pages? Some people can naturally read fast, and I wish I was one of those people. I have to read very careful in order to grasp all of the contexts, ideas, and characters - but it ends up helping me enjoy the story. I would rather read two books in a week and love both of them, than six in a week and not remember what any of them were about.

7. Put time aside for yourself to read

Don't force yourself to read, but don't put it on the back burner either. I am a sucker for Netflix binges, but have found that when I multitask chores or blogging with watching TV, my mind can settle down at night to read. Not gonna lie, I take my iPad up to the bathroom while I do my makeup to watch Friends. 

8. Trying to get ahead or catch up on your Goodreads goal? Try graphic novels or novellas!

These count as individuals if you choose to add the that way, and can help you to achieve your goals! I also lean more toward novellas as I feel more complete in finishing series, but have recently been picking up more graphic novels. 

9. Read a genre that you are familiar with and comfortable reading quickly

If your mind is already set into one genre, it will take a lot less time for you to get into those worlds. My go-to genre is new adult because they don't involve any world-building, the plots are easy to read, and the pages seem to turn themselves!

10. My last tip is kind of two parts:

Don't be afraid to unhaul books that you don't think you will read! This has been the biggest thing for me to overcome lately, as well as giving up on novels I am not enjoying. At one point I owned over 1000 books, and have since gotten that number down to around 300. I feel so much lighter after both donating and selling these books, and have found it very thrilling.

Do not let yourself get overwhelmed. You will eventually put yourself into a reading slump. If your mind does not want to read, forcing yourself will only make it worse. Take the night off to watch a movie, or a favourite TV show, and pick the book up to read the next day.

I hope that you found at least one of my tips helpful, but if you have any of your own please let me know! I am constantly trying to lower my TBR, but it is not a quick task. Make sure you follow #AYearAThon on both Instagram and Twitter (@AYearAThon), and join our goodreads group to keep up with us every month!

Happy reading!

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