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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up: January 26th - February 1st

Happy February! The month of love, and over here in Fredericton, the month of lots of snow. So up until 10 minutes ago I thought it was Saturday because I have been deathly sick these last few days. I couldn't even get out of bed on Friday. Lucky for me, I am still sick but have a ton of school work I need to get done. That being said I will be posting this semi-early compared to usual because I doubt I will be getting much reading accomplished today. 


Believe it or not, I finished three books this week. I know! For my Goodreads challenge, I am not only one book behind schedule. I DNF'd one book as well so I will start with that one. 

Sadly, The Bling Ring was nothing like how I thought it would be which was very disappointing because I had been dying to read this book for a while. It was ridiculously boring, and focused on the author's experience when I thought it would be about the crime itself (which is what I was interested in). I only got out 25 pages in before I decided to quit and just watch the movie. I didn't care for the movie either as the acting was mediocre and the plot wasn't that interesting either. Spoiled rich kids is not my cup of tea. 

The first book that I read this week was The Gift of Acabar by Og Mandino which I finished Sunday night after posting my wrap up. I gave this book four stars out of five, and am glad it was given to me because I wouldn't have picked it up myself. It was a good story but not what I expected at all. I am not usually one for religious novels, but this one focused more on inspiration and I really enjoyed that. It was so sad but so well written. 

The second book that I finished was The Voice on the Radio by Caroline B. Cooney. This is the third book in the Janie Johnson series, and although I rated it three stars, it would be closer to two and a half. Although I enjoyed the story at the beginning, the plot has turned into a contemporary and not so much the mystery it started as. The author tried to throw in some twists, but it just wasn't working for me. I have the last two books at school with me, but I am not going to bother picking them up. Although they are quick reads, I don't see a reason for her to drag out the story anymore. 

The last book that I finished was my favourite for both this week and this month, and that is Burned by Ellen Hopkins. Like all of her books, this one was written in verse, but I read it on my iPad Kindle app and am very glad I did. This is a thick book but reading it electronically made it easier to read and helped it to go by much quicker. Obviously I gave this book five out of five stars, because it was simply amazing. I was always on the edge of my seat, but I never could have guessed the plot twists that occurred. Near the end I was even tearing up, and can't wait to read the sequel (which I also have on ebook). 


I am currently reading Spell Bound by Rachel Hawkins which is the third and final book in the Hex Hall trilogy. As of right now I am only 20 pages in because I picked up Burned, but I do hope to get farther into it because It is really good so far. In a perfect world I would have it finished this week, but I am not going to hold my breath. I don't own the companion to this series, so I don't know what I will be picking up next. 


Nothing! YAY! Reading five books in a month and only buying three must be a new record for me. 


My goal for this week and for this month, is to not buy a book. I have plenty of books at school with me, and will be going home for Spring Break at the end of the month. I might buy a book to read on the plane, but we'll see! The weather here has been so rough anyway that it's not easy to get out to Chapters. I have quite a bit of work to do, and a big assignment due Friday so if I don't finish a book, it is no big deal. Two of my friends and I are also taking a road trip up to Halifax this weekend, so I know I won't be reading then. 

Have a good week, and I'll talk to you soon!

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