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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Casting Call Saturday - Crash by Lisa McMann

So, this is the most amazing idea that I have ever heard. My friend Alyssa (all of her links will be below) came up with the idea of doing a "casting call" for some of our favourite books! I loved this so much that I knew I had to join in.

Jules (main character) - Taryn Southern

For the main character of this novel, it took me a while to think of someone who would be a good fit. Eventually, I thought of Taryn Southern who is a YouTuber that does comedy and music videos. I am a fan of hers, and not only because she does videos with Chester See. I think Taryn is talented (she was on American Idol), and funny (have you seen her internet stalker video with Chester? Go watch it). Imagine Jules as a younger Taryn, and you will have a perfect match to     what I see. 

Sawyer (love interest) - Cole from IM5
Reading this book I imagined Sawyer as a sexy bad boy type, with dirty blonde hair and piercing dark eyes. Cole gives off the vibe of a preppy school boy, but also as a sexy badass/heartthrob. It was very easy for me to pick someone that would fit this mold quite easily - Cole from IM5. Am I attracted to Cole? Of course. Does that affect my decision about who I picked? Of course. But clearly I am not wrong in my choice, however if you disagree; let me know who you would pick down in the comments!

Trey (Jules' brother) -  Jim Verraros
Trey is Jule's older brother who happens to be gay, but is also the person who affects her decisions the most. These siblings are best friends and are close in age. Based on Jim's personality, and how the author portrayed Trey, I thought these two were the perfect combination. Plus he's hot and that is just an added bonus. 


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