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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Thoughts

            A couple of years ago I read this novel by Stephen Chbosky, because everyone I knew was talking about how amazing it was. While I was reading it, I did not realize how significant this story was to everyday life. I had found the plot to be boring, and not direct, which led me to giving it a low review. I recently watched the film adaptation to this novel, and it completely changed my view on this story. I found it to be heartbreaking and captivating,
            The casting could not have been done better, Logan Lerman has the face and attitude of someone you want to trust and know will never judge you. He went from such an innocent character to someone who was destroyed by a past with no social skills in his present. Emma Watson brought life and love to a character that wants to help flourish the wallflowers.

            Everyone can relate in one way or another to Charlie and the emotional struggles he has faced throughout his life. On a personal level, I can understand Charlie because I have suffered from manic depression and anxiety for the last four years. It was not an easy journey to go through, but I was happy to see all things come together in the end. I cannot say that this is an inspiring movie since there is a long time before something goes right in his life, but it is worth the watch.   

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