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Monday, June 24, 2013

Every You, Every Me Book Review

Every You, Every Me

Written by David Levithan
# of Pages: 245

Average Rating: 3.44
My Rating: 4/5


This story takes place in a high school setting, and follows the lives of a teen named Evan, as he starts discovering a bunch of photographs, some of which he is in. He starts believing that someone is stalking him, although he already feels tortured with his best friend gone, and he not doing anything about it. He starts thinking that his lost best friend Ariel (mentioned previously), but he can't seem to put the pieces together. Follow Evan on his journey to figure out who is leaving him these pictures, and what message they are trying to send.

My Thoughts

I found this to be a very interesting concept, as I have hardly read a book with a plot line like this. I am quite a fan of David Levithan's writing, and this book did not disappoint! The way that this story is written makes it easy to follow, and takes no time at all to finish.

This is the first book that I have read where there are lines crossed out. I believe that this can also be found in Shatter Me, which I have not read, but I am not a fan of this kind of writing style.

Having the pictures to go along with the story made it a lot more interesting. This way, the author didn't have to describe what the pictures looked like. You were able to see it, experience it, and understand it for yourself.

Overall, this story was very mysterious and addicting, as well as a very quick read and i enjoyed it thoroughly.