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Pop Sugar 2017 Reading Challenge

2017 Reading Challenge

 A book recommended by a librarian

A book that's been on your TBR list for way too long

A book of letters

An audiobook

A book by a person of colour

A book with one of the four seasons in the title

A book that is a story within a story

A book with multiple authors

An espionage thriller

A book with a cat on the cover

A book by an author who uses a pseudonym

A bestseller from a genre you don't normally read

A book by or about a person who has a disability

A book involving travel

A book with a subtitle

A book that's published in 2017

A book involving a mythical creature

A book you've read before that never fails to make you smile

A book about food

A book with career advice

A book from a nonhuman perspective

A steampunk novel

A book with a red spine

A book set in the wilderness

A book you loved as a child

A book by an author from a country you've never visited

A book with a title that's a characters name

A novel set during wartime

A book with an unreliable narrator

A book with pictures

A book where the main character is a different ethnicity than you

A book about an interesting woman

A book set in two different time periods

A book with a month or day of the week in the title

A book set in a hotel

A book written by someone you admire

A book that's becoming a movie in 2017

A book set around a holiday other than Christmas

The first book in a series you haven't read before

A book you bought on a trip

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